Children’s Festival – Јесењи дјечији фестивал


kids-festival-2015Pozivamo vas da dodjete  sa vasom djecom u subotu 30. oktobra 2015. u 12:00 casova kod nase crkve da se druzimo. Ovo je  nas prvi jesenji festival. Hrana za svu djecu ce biti besplatna . Djeca ce moci uzivati u  specijalitetima  kao sto su  pljeskavice , cevapi, prasetina , palacinke …. Spremili smo vrijedne nagrade za pobjednike u fudbalu i odbojci . Nadamo se da ce i vasa djeca  uzeti ucesce u sportskim aktivnostima koje su planirane za taj dan. Svi ste dobrodosli !

This will be our First Fall  Festival at our church. This will be great opportunity for the children of our church community to gather and spend time together. We are planning on having tournaments in volleyball for the girls and soccer for the boys. There will be awards for the best teams and players. There will also be activities for  smaller kids. This will also be a great opportunity for the children to socialize and get to know each other. We would also like to discuss with the children as well as their parent about future involvement in the church, especially about starting the folklore, Sunday School, and other activities that will bring our children closer to the church and teach them about our traditions. 

Participation in the Festival will be FREE for all children ,  which includes food and drinks.
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