Covid Update

Dear parishioners,

As you are probably aware, the number of registered corona virus cases is rapidly rising in several US states. Unfortunately, that includes our state of North Carolina.  The Governor did not, as expected, move the reopening of the state to phase 3.  Instead, Phase 2 has been extended until July 17th with additional restrictions.  The most important new change is the mandatory wearing of the protective face mask.

In light of the new North Carolina rules, our church will also enact some changes outlined below:

  • Mandatory mask or face covering rule for all faithful
    • You will not be able to enter the church if you do not have a mask.  You will be able to stay outside of the church with proper social distancing.
    • Our priests, the reader, and the choir is exempt from this rule during liturgy services
  • Mandatory use of hand sanitizer before entering church
    • We will setup a table with sanitizer in front of the church
  • You may enter the church through the front door.  However, you must exit the church through one of the side doors, whichever is closer to where you’re standing.
  • Church hall will be closed and there will be no after liturgy coffee hour or similar
    • The goal is to minimize interaction between the faithful as, based on previous experience, it was evident that social distancing rules were even less respected in the hall

For most up to date information from the state and the Governor, please visit webpages below:

If you have any question or comments, please reach out to fr. Boris or someone from the Parish Board.  Our chruch email is monitored regularly, so this is the surest way to get in touch with us.

Thank you,

Parish Board