Hall Consecration, June 10th

Овим једино спасоносним речима, поздрављам вас: чланове, пријатеље и добронамернике парохије Светог Василија Острошког. Поздрав ”Христос је мећу нама” јасно потврћује веру нашу у Васкрслог Христа, наду нашу у Царство Оца, Сина и Светога Духа и љубљв нашу према Богу Творцу свега видљивог и невидљивог и круни стваралаштва Његовог – човеку. Многи од вас протерани са својих вековних огњишта, оставши без ичег дошли сте у туђи свет да градите нови живот, нову историју нашег народа. Велики је ваш искорак у сусрет Цркви, јер сте велико дело започели, дело достојно преда наших, славних задужбинара, ктитора и светитеља. Изградили сте и освештали овај предиван храм који је сведок вере, наде и љубљви ваше, према Богу и роду своме.
Драга браћо и сестре у Христу, имам част да вас позовем на још један важан догађај за нашу парохију.

У Суботу 10. Јуна Лета Господљег 2017 са почетком у 10 часова Његово Преосвештенство Епископ Источно Амерички Господин Иринеј служиће Свету Архијерејску Литургију и освештати новосаграђену парохијску салу.


I greet you: members, friends and well-wishers of the parish of St. Basil of Ostrog. The greeting ‘Christ between us” clearly confirms our faith in the risen Christ, our hope in the kingdom of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit and our love for God the Creator of all visible and invisible, and the crown of His creation – man. Many of you were expelled from your ancestral homes, left without anything as refugees.  You’ve come into someone else’s world to build a new life, a new story about our people. It is a great step forward to built this church Many people have contributed a a lot of work.  Good, decent people, famous benefactors, donors and the saints. You have built and consecrated this beautiful temple that is a witness of your faith, hope and love of God and to his people.

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ, I have the honor to invite you to another important event for our parish. On Saturday 10 June 2017, at 10 am His Grace Bishop of the Eastern American diocese will serve Holy Hierarchical Liturgy and consecrate the newly built parish hall. WELCOME TO THIS SACRED CEREMONY!

Serb Fest, Saturday, May 27th – May 28th, 12pm-10pm

Dear Brothers and Sisters, we invite you to “Serb Fest” May 27th and 28th, 12pm to 10pm, join us with your families and take part in this festival. Invite all your friends with whom you hang out or work with for our big celebration.
Dрага браћо и сестре позивамо Вас на “срб Фест” 27.Мај – 28.Мај, 12pm to 10pm, да нам се придружите са Вашим породицама  и узмете учешће у овом Фестивалу. Позовите све Ваше пријатеље  са којима се дружите  или радите ка ко би сте увеличли прославу.
270 Ogden School Road, Kernersville, NC

Čevap Fest October 29th, 2016

Dear Brothers and Sisters, we invite you to “Chevap Fest” October 29, join us with your families and take part in this festival. Invite all your friends with whom you hang out or work with for our big celebration.
Dрага браћо и сестре позивамо Вас на “Ћевап Фест” 29.Октобра да нам се придружите са Вашим породицама  и узмете учешће у овом Фестивалу. Позовите све Ваше пријатеље  са којима се дружите  или радите ка ко би сте увеличли прославу.

New KSS Board Elected

Na sjednici KSS-a, odrzanoj 6. decembra, izabrane su nove clanice kola sestara. Novi Odbor KSS-a cine

Gospava Krajisnik – predsjednica

Sretanka Stankovic – podpredsjednica

Na sjednici KSS-a, odrzanoj 6. decembra, izabrane su nove clanice kola sestara. Novi Odbor KSS-a cine

Gospava Krajisnik – predsjednica

Sretanka Stankovic – podpredsjednica

Milena Stankovic – blagajnik

Ljeposava Kulovic – clan

Mladenka Krajisnik – clan

Stana Krajisnik – clan

popadija Rosanda Kosic – clan

Zahvaljujem se clanicama prethodnog Odbora na celu sa predsjednicom Jovankom Karac na predanom radu u protekloj godini.

o. Dragoslav Kosic

At our annual KSS meeting, held on Sunday, December 6th, the new members of the KSS Board were elected. The new Board members are:

Gospava Krajisnik – President

Sretanka Stankovic – Vicepresident

Milena Stankovic – Treasurer

Ljeposava Kulovic – Member

Mladenka Krajisnik – Member

Stana Krajisnik – Member

popadija Rosanda Kosic – Member

I would like to thank all the Members of the previous Board led by the President Jovanka Karac on their devotion and efforts.

Fr Dragoslav

Children’s Festival – Јесењи дјечији фестивал


kids-festival-2015Pozivamo vas da dodjete  sa vasom djecom u subotu 30. oktobra 2015. u 12:00 casova kod nase crkve da se druzimo. Ovo je  nas prvi jesenji festival. Hrana za svu djecu ce biti besplatna . Djeca ce moci uzivati u  specijalitetima  kao sto su  pljeskavice , cevapi, prasetina , palacinke …. Spremili smo vrijedne nagrade za pobjednike u fudbalu i odbojci . Nadamo se da ce i vasa djeca  uzeti ucesce u sportskim aktivnostima koje su planirane za taj dan. Svi ste dobrodosli !

This will be our First Fall  Festival at our church. This will be great opportunity for the children of our church community to gather and spend time together. We are planning on having tournaments in volleyball for the girls and soccer for the boys. There will be awards for the best teams and players. There will also be activities for  smaller kids. This will also be a great opportunity for the children to socialize and get to know each other. We would also like to discuss with the children as well as their parent about future involvement in the church, especially about starting the folklore, Sunday School, and other activities that will bring our children closer to the church and teach them about our traditions. 

Participation in the Festival will be FREE for all children ,  which includes food and drinks.



Don’t Miss our Serb Fest — Saturday, May 9th

We would like to invite you to our festival on Saturday, May 9th. We will have live music and fun activities for kids. You will also be able to enjoy traditional meals such as cevapi, pita, sarma, crepes, and more. We hope to see you there!!

Podsjecamo da ce akcija postavljanja satora biti u petak, a ne cetvrtak, kao sto je planirano u pocetku, ujedno molim sve koji mogu I zele da pomognu da se jave o Dragoslavu, Deniju Kulovicu, Radovanu Banovicu ili bilo kom drugom clanu odbora. Ka sto znate pomoc je potrebna I prije, a I na dan festivala. Neka je S Bozijom pomoci, pa da proslavimo festival I parohijsku slavu u dobrom zdravlju.

270 Ogden School Road, Kernersville. Just look for the only Byzantine architecture between Pennsylvania and Florida. You can’t miss it! Directions are here.

St. Petersburg Deanery 2014 Winter Camp in Greensboro, NC

Greensboro, NC – Parishioners of St. Basil of Ostrog Church in Greensboro, NC had an opportunity to welcome brothers and sisters from St. Petersburg Deanery for our annual winter camp. Adults and children from Parishes from Atlanta, Charlotte, Clearwater, Jacksonville, Orlando, St. Petersburg as well as our own from Greensboro, took part in this years’ camp. We were happy to have 112 kids and over 60 adults participating. The main theme of the camp was “Stewardship.”


It started with gathering, registration and welcoming dinner on Wednesday evening, December 24th and lasted until Sunday, Dec. 28th. Priests from the Deanery and Father Ljubisa’s wife, popadija Natasa taught kids, separated in four age groups. Every day started with either Matins, or Divine Liturgy, followed by breakfast, classes and some activities. After Vespers and dinner there were different fun activities for the participants. On Thursday we visited Tanglewood park for the festival of lights, on Friday, Ice-skating and bowling and on Saturday snow-tubing on the mountain. Early Friday afternoon we visited the Panagia Prousiotissa Greek Orthodox Monastery in Troy, NC. The whole group enjoyed time in the monastery, where sisters first had Paraklesis service and then mother Agne explained the history of the monastery that was established by Elder Ephraim of Arizona in 1998.

Following the visit to the Monastery Bookstore we had lunch in the Monastery dining room and, before leaving, the whole group, under direction of popadija Natasa from Orlando, sang a Christmas song “Bozic, Bozic, blagi dan” for the sisters. Soon after our arrival back at our Church, His Grace, Bishop Mitrofan joined us for a day. His Grace had a conversation with the campers about Stewardship in general and what each one of us can do for others in return for all the blessings, God bestowed upon us. The focus of the discussion was on the Divine Liturgy and the preparation for the uniting with the Lord in the Holy Communion. After dinner, the campers went in two groups, one that chose Ice-skating and the other who went bowling in Greensboro. Saturday started with the early Hierarchical Divine Liturgy which was officiated by our Bishop Mitrophan. Protopresbyter Fr Dragan Zaric from Clearwater, Fr. Ljubisa Brnjos from Orlando, Fr. Miladin Blagojevic from Atlanta, Fr. Stanislav Kravljaca from Jacksonville, Deacon Gavrilo Miljkovic and the host Priest, Fr. Dragoslav Kosic also served.

After the Liturgy and breakfast His Grace once again addressed the campers and thanked Parishioners of St. Basil for organization and especially sisters for beautiful meals.  Due to His busy schedule, His Grace left early afternoon and campers went snow-tubing in the mountains. They returned just in time for dinner and after dinner all the participants had a dancing class with our professional instructors Darinka Divljak and Ranko Bogosavac. These very talented and accomplished dancing instructors made the really nice last touch on our camp activities. Some of the guests from other Parishes had to leave on Saturday and some stayed until Sunday. We are very grateful to all of them for making an effort and driving long hours to join us for camp.

I would like to commend the Parishioners of St. Basil’s, especially the Circle of the Serbian Sisters led by Kolo President, Sretanka Stankovic, for making sure that all our brothers and sisters from visiting Parishes feel at home and for preparing all the meals during camp. Given that our Parish Hall is still under construction without kitchen or any appliances, it was not an easy task but, thanks God and St. Basil for the beautiful weather they did really well. I would also like to thank all those who in any way helped that our camp experience be memorable one: His Grace for finding time to join us at least for a day, all the visiting Clergy, sisters, all the men that worked long hours and our teenagers who showed that they understood what the stewardship is all about. We pray to God that all those who do not find it necessary to give their children the opportunity to participate in these camps, or Church School classes, understand that the time and resources that we spend in these and similar activities under direction of our Holy Church might be our best investment in the future, for the benefit and well-being of our children and of our communities.

Article by Father Dragoslav Kosic